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What do a tidal wave, a lethal injection and masses of thin white worms have in common?

They are all images that have cropped up in dreams people are having about the coronavirus pandemic.

Many people are reporting more vivid dreams while self-quarantining, taking to social media to comment on the phenomenon. Take a moment to think back on your dreams over the past few weeks. Have they seemed a little more intense — or upsetting — than usual?

“I feel pain in my right shoulder, and see a huge grasshopper-like insect there. It has already chewed through the fabric of my sweater and is now gouging my flesh,” one respondent described in a dream survey currently underway and conducted by Deirdre Leigh Barrett, Ph.D., author of “The Committee of Sleep: How Artists, Scientists, and Athletes Use Their Dreams for Creative Problem Solving — and How You Can Too” and an assistant professor of psychology at Harvard Medical School’s psychiatry department.

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