Looking to fill out your kitchen with top-of-the-line cookware? Costco has you covered.

The wholesale retailer is offering a 157-piece Le Creuset set for about $4,500.

While some might have sticker shock at that price, the package is actually quite the steal. When averaged out, the collection comes to $29 per piece, according to Food & Wine.

Even at Costco’s often discounted prices, a Le Creuset Dutch oven is $200 by itself. Larger sizes go up to $625 on Le Creuset’s website.

The whole package, which includes cookware, utensils, dishes, a French press and a variety of other implements, comes delivered on a pallet, the listing says. And don’t worry, shipping and handling is included in the purchase price.

It might be difficult to find, as the package is listed as unavailable in many major markets on Costco’s website, but if you can find it, it’s “probably every kitchen item you will ever need,” as X (formerly Twitter) user Gannon Breslin noted. “Worth it?”

If you’re looking to never buy kitchen tools again, it just might be.