Cow that escaped slaughterhouse near Pico Rivera arrives at sanctuary


The missing cow that escaped a slaughterhouse near Pico Rivera last week has arrived at her new home at Farm Sanctuary in the city of Acton.

The cow was part of a herd of about 40 that escaped Manning Beef, a slaughterhouse in the 9500 block of Beverly Road in Pico Rivera, on June 22.

The lone cow was found at Whittier Narrows Park in the South El Monte area, more than 2 miles from the slaughterhouse, two days later.

The herd was able to escape from a meat-packing facility after a gate was accidentally left open.

Law enforcement arrived to the scene to help contain the runaway cows.

During a news conference after the last cow’s capture, Pico Rivera City Manager Steven Carmona said Grammy Award-winning songwriter Diane Warren stepped forward to save the cow from going back to the Pico Rivera slaughterhouse.

Both the city and Warren worked together with Farm Sanctuary in Acton to help give this cow its forever home.

“There were a number of other sanctuaries who wanted to accept not only this cow, but the others that were roaming through our residential streets,” Carmona said. “And we’re going to continue to facilitate that dialogue with Manning Beef.”

The cow arrived to the sanctuary on Sunday, free to roam around and have a second chance at life.

“Who wouldn’t escape from a slaughterhouse if given a chance?,” said Farm Sanctuary Board Chair Emily Deschanel.

Farm Sanctuary says this cow’s happy ending was made possible with the help of Warren and local activist Simone Reyes.

“Seeing these cows escaping their horrible fate broke my heart,” said Warren. “They knew what awaited them. These are smart, empathetic, beautiful souls.”

Farm Sanctuary will reopen to the public for tours on July 10. For more information, visit

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