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Cal State Long Beach’s Shark Lab released video Tuesday to show how young white sharks, which use the California coastline as a nursery habitat, interact with humans who share the waves.

The drone video shows sharks up and down the Southern California coast, peacefully swimming with surfers and swimmers — sometimes close enough to touch.

The lab is studying how juvenile white sharks act around people, and while the scientific analysis isn’t complete, the newly released video provides a glimpse into how the interactions go down.

Despite encounters, most interactions are passive, the lab says, explaining shark bites remain rare.

Just as smaller sharks make way for larger ones in their nursery, they may even give way to larger surf and paddle boards. “Although we coexist, sometimes we startle sharks by getting close,” Shark Lab says.

“Remember, the ocean is their home,” Shark Lab scientists say in the video.”While enjoying the ocean be a respectful guest, leave them alone and they will leave you alone.”

Lauren Lyster reports from Manhattan Beach for the KTLA 5 Morning News on July 22, 2020.