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A man dressed as a woman was arrested at a Palmdale mall for going into the ladies’ bathroom and secretly recording women, according to officers.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department says Jason Pomarre was so committed to his disguise he wore a wig, makeup, women’s clothes, and he even fake breasts. All of it was meant to fool people and record women in a Macy’s bathroom at Antelope Valley Mall, this past Saturday.

Pomare is charged with five counts of using a concealed camera for gratification.

“There are people that weird, but I never thought they’d be here in the bathroom dressed up as a girl,” Macy’s shopper Kaylani Hall said. “That’s crazy.

Disturbed and just plain creeped out is how several Macy’s shoppers told KTLA News they felt about the man police say dressed as a lady to sneak into the women’s bathroom and record unaware victims.

“They took their time to do it,” shopper Stephany Damas said.  “They put a lot of thought into it. They planned it.”

Detectives say Pomare hid his small video camera inside a paper bag. According to witnesses, he brought it into the Macy’s women’s bathroom and slid it under stalls when women were in them.

“Parents need to pray for their kids’ protection,” mother Camille Jones said. “It’s not even safe to go shopping. ”

Jones lets her daughter and niece shop at the Palmdale Macy’s by themselves all the time.

“That guy must be crazy, but now I know to think about those things,” Jones’s daughter Brittany Bailey said.

When a woman spotted the camera Pomare was spying on her with, she told security.

Pomare took off out of the store and hid near the trash bin. It wasn’t long until police found him.

“To be honest, if I would’ve caught him, he would’ve got a whopping.  He would’ve never looked at anybody else again,” Jones said angrily.

Aside from the wig, and fake breasts, officers told KTLA, Pomare wrapped clothing around his legs underneath his pants to give himself more curves.

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