Deaf Woman Adopts Deaf Dog Who Knows Sign Language

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Rosie, a deaf pit bull, had to wait longer than most dogs before being adopted from a Humane Society shelter in Aurora, Nebraska.

Older and disabled dogs are often overlooked by potential owners, according to Tracie Pfeifle, a staff member at the shelter.

“We started using treats and putting the treat up to your face and saying ‘good girl’ with your thumb up and then she figured out how, that we were communicating with her,” Pfeifle said, adding that basic commands like “sit” and “stay” helped bring Rosie out of her shell.

And now the 3-year-old dog is a part of a family that is very familiar with sign language — her new owner, Cindy Koch, is also deaf.

“I’m going to teach her my sign language, how deaf people communicate,” Koch said. “Sher’s a smart dog. She can pick up fast.”

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