Dozens of concerned parents, teachers and students gathered Friday outside Los Angeles Unified School District headquarters demanding unvaccinated staff be allowed back on campus and in the classrooms to help with staffing shortages in the district.

Superintendent Alberto Carvalho said he will fill 400 classroom teacher vacancies by drawing from a pool of about 3,000 administrators and other school staff.

This comes after a report by Partnership for Los Angeles Schools said thousands of teachers, counselors and other school staff positions remain vacant in the district.

Teachers demonstrating Friday said they should be brought back because some who are filling the positions aren’t qualified, and that it will disproportionately affect special needs children and students of color.

One teacher who was fired over his refusal to get vaccinated addressed the staffing shortage district wide and said parents shouldn’t be concerned about his personal decision not to get inoculated against COVID-19.

“If you’ve had the vaccine, that’s wonderful. That’s your choice. But be confident in your vaccine. Don’t be afraid of someone like us. We’re not going to hurt you. We’re not going to make you sick. You’re protected,” Tom Farley said. “I am a healthy man. Let me back into the classroom. Now.”

His daughter held up a sign that read, “Let my daddy work.”

In a statement the district says they will “continue to review, assess and consult with our medical experts as we remain guided by the prevailing science and updated policies from local, state and federal health authorities.”

The rally was held just a day after California health officials announced they will push back a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for schoolchildren until at least July 2023.

LAUSD last month relaxed its mask mandate, allowing students and staff to go without them on campus and in classrooms. But the county is now seeing an increase in school coronavirus outbreaks, health officials said last week.