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Investigators reviewing the case of Caren Carl Mandoyan, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy fired for misconduct only to be reinstated recently by Sheriff Alex Villanueva, learned that he was a member of a secret society of deputies known as the Reapers, according to documents reviewed by The Times.

A woman who accused Mandoyan of abuse told investigators she saw the group’s tattoo on Mandoyan’s inner left ankle: a Grim Reaper holding a scythe next to the name of his Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department station, branded with the number 98.

She said he warned her that because of his membership with the Reapers, he had influential friends who could ruin careers in the department.

Mandoyan has become the focus of an intense legal battle between the county Board of Supervisors and Sheriff Alex Villanueva, who recently reinstated Mandoyan two years after the deputy was fired in connection with the woman’s claims of domestic abuse, stalking and harassment.

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