If it works for Amazon, it’ll work for the Mouse House.

That seems to be the message from reports that Walt Disney Co. is mulling a membership program similar to Amazon Prime that will reward Disney-related spending.

The idea is that you’ll get discounts or special perks if you sign up with Team Mickey, according to the Wall Street Journal, citing “people familiar with the discussions.”

It’s a smart play.

Many businesses have enviously watched Amazon lock in steady business through its millions of Prime memberships, and some, such as Walmart, have launched similar programs.

In Disney’s case, such an approach probably would provide savings for people who sign up for the Disney+ streaming service or purchase Disney merch online and in stores.

Special benefits also would be likely for the company’s theme parks and resorts.

“Discussions at Disney are in the early stages,” the Journal reported. “It couldn’t be learned how much the company would charge for membership and how long it would take to launch such a program.”

Membership and loyalty programs have long been used by airlines, retailers and other companies to encourage return business.

In recent months, movie theaters have been rolling out their own subscription services to promote moviegoing.

Disney may be a little late to the party, but the company has long been defined by a sense of caution. It also needs to chart a course that rewards its best customers without cheesing off everyone else.

And considering the cost of visiting Disneyland and Disney World has soared by nearly 4,000% over the past 50 years, any relief the company can offer would be greatly appreciated by its many fans.