Documents: Dorner Stalked Irvine Couple Before Murders

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IRVINE, Calif. (KTLA) — There’s new information that Christopher Dorner collected detailed information about the Irvine couple he is accused of killing.

Cal State Fullerton assistant basketball coach Monica Quan and her fiance, Keith Lawrence, are believed to be Dorner’s first victims in his revenge rampage.

Quan was the daughter of a retired LAPD captain who represented Dorner in a hearing that led to his dismissal.

Investigators say Dorner shot them multiple times nearly two weeks ago, on Sunday February 3.

Their bodies were found in a car in the parking structure of their Irvine condo complex. Audio has been released from police dispatch tapes on that night.

“We have male hunched over the vehicle of a wheel of a vehicle, possibly has been shot, unknown his condition,” the dispatcher says.

“We have two subjects down in the vehicle, not sure their status,” the dispatcher later says. “Just for info, our suspect is still outstanding.”

Meantime, a newly released affidavit from Irvine police investigators provides chilling new details about the double homicide.

Detectives believe that Dorner followed and stalked his young victims for some time.

Also, their bodies were shot so many times that police believe Dorner re-loaded or used a high-capacity type magazine in the execution-style slayings.

A search warrant has revealed that, two days after the Irvine killings, Dorner was caught on surveillance tape dumping a uniform, his badge and other police gear in a National City dumpster.

He may, in fact, ahve worn his uniform during the shootings of Quan and Lawrence.

Thankfully, not all of Dorner’s targets died. Riverside Officer Andrew Tachias was wounded in the ambush that killed his partner, Officer Michael Crain.

After shoulder surgery, the 27-year-old is in stable condition, and is expected to recover from his wounds.

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