Dorner Compared to Other Cold-Blooded Killers

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As family and friends gathered to grieve the loss of slain Riverside police officer Michael Crain … eerie comparisons are being drawn between Christopher Dorner and other cold-blooded killers.

From Waco … the Unabomber … to the Colorado movie theater massacre and the tragic killings in Columbine … last night as that cabin burned near Big Bear, southern California could not help but see the similarities in Dorner’s alleged revenge rampage and the carnage left behind by our country’s most infamous of murderers.

Armed with high point pistols and home-made bombs — Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold held their Columbine High School hostage.

On April 20th of 1999 – the teenagers murdered 12 students, 1 teacher, then killed  themselves … now, the public asks – did Dorner copycat the carnage of Columbine?

The haunting similarity —- the 33 year-old and the suicidal duo seemed to have a so-called ‘enemy list’ … plus, experts agree they all were obsessed with over-the-top revenge fantasies,  alleging years of snubs, slights, and cruelties whether real or imagined.

Maniacal manifestos were left behind by all three, which leads to the next in cold blood comparison to the Unabomber …

Ted Kaczynski’s 30-thousand word diatribe that he demanded to be printed is reminiscent of the navy veteran’s 11-thousand word, face book message that reveals an unraveling mind.

Also foreshadowing bloodshed … James Holmes.

Before the suspected gunman of the movie theater massacre opened fire, the 24-year old reportedly sent a chilling spiral-bound notebook detailing his plans to slay.

But it’s this particular image that has some people recalling the Waco siege of 1993.

Hoping to end the deadly Dorner debacle —- police fired tear gas into the cabin  … many insist it’s the same tactic used to burn down the Branch Davidian community in Texas.

Now the question is … after being engulfed in flames, how can a body – pulled from charred rubble – be positively identified by autopsy experts?

Forensic expert Vidal Herrera – who is not on the Dorner case but has assisted in over 20-thousand procedures including badly burned bodies …

“You look at the measurements, you look for tattoos, scars, but if none of these remain, it all comes down to dental records or DNA,” says Vidal Herrera, 1-800-Autopsy.

The Dorner rampage is also being compared to Gianni Versace’s killer Andrew Cunanan who was originally from San Diego.

Cunanan murdered the designer plus at least five other people before killing himself on a Miami houseboat during an intense police stand-off.

— Kimberly McWatt, KTLA News

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