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Activist and Documentary Filmmaker Veronica Grey, AKA, the Surf Lady,  joined us live with details about how 25 percent of the world’s land and ocean area are dedicated to landfills and ocean trash dumps. This segment aired on the KTLA 5 Morning News on April 21, 2014.

Her film Aqua Seafoam Shame is a critically acclaimed documentary with multiple wins which explores the horrific diagnosis that 25% of our planet’s surface is now diagnosed as garbage landfill, due to the pacific garbage patch and plastics. In 20 years our world could end up with no coral reefs –  which means our oceans will revert back to the primordial sludge it was before creatures walked on land. What, if anything, can be done to backpedal the Earth from this cataclysmic trajectory? Film is viewable for FREE in its entirety at our website below.

How to salvage the Earth:                                            

1. Get a reverse osmosis water filtration system for your home. Did you know the fluoride in all public tap water systems in America is actually a poison? No over-the-counter water filter filters out fluoride. In fact if you read the box labels it will literally say “does not filter out fluoride.” Fluoride is slowly killing Americans in so many ways because to avoid it, we buy bottled drinks: about 4,000,000 plastic bottles every 5 minutes. The truth is only less than 30% of these bottles ever make it to recycling centers so stop buying drinks in plastic bottles. Drink from your tap through a reverse osmosis water filter system that you can buy online. The one time fee you pay to get it installed will save you money over the long run as well.

2. Carry your own Canvas bag.  Thank heavens LA recently instated a plastic bag ban because as a society, we use 10 BILLION plastic bags EVERY week. Again the majority of it is never recycled and when it winds up in the ocean, lots of marine life, specifically over 189 different species, mistake it for food because plastic bags floating look like jellyfish. When they eat the plastic it kills them and often if you eat seafood, you just may be eating plastic yourself nowadays.

3. Don’t flush ANYTHING in the toilet: if it doesn’t come from your body it doesn’t belong in the potty. Keep a trash bin right next to the toilet just for toilet paper and EVERYTHING else.

People don’t realize what you flush, even simple toilet paper, winds up in the ocean which makes our rain which grows our food. Remember that each time you flush!!!!!!!!

4. Support artists who “Strip” down their work.  Plastic cd cases and all the styrofoam popcorn in merchandise shipping is atrocious. Research your favorite artists and put your money where your mouth is – support artists with sustainable marketing models like Daniel Ash. He founded the iconic supergroups Bauhaus and Love & Rockets and his current work in progress “Stripped” is community based where fans can go online and actually help him consciously create his new album.

5. Stop using straws!!! These seemingly innocuous “tools” significantly contribute to the 5 giant trash vortexes in the oceans around the world (google “5 gyres”) which are now bigger than the continental United States. People don’t notice straws ’cause they are so small and everywhere – which is exactly the problem. Americans use 50,000,000 straws each and every day JUST ONCE and toss them out. Drink directly from the glass. It’s simply THAT easy. Or buy paper straws.

Veronica Grey
Steward of the Environment
Award Winning Documentary Filmmaker 




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