Elderly Woman Pulled Over, Robbed by Fake FBI Agent

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NORTHRIDGE, Calif. (KTLA) — Police are investigating a robbery case involving an elderly woman who says a man pulled her over and posed as an FBI agent.

89-year-old Demetra said she was leaving a 99-cent store April 1 when she first noticed an unmarked white car behind her.

Demetra said she was followed for about 10 minutes before the car pulled up beside her.

“He honks, motions for me to pull down my window, which I did, and he sticks his hand out and there’s the badge,” said Demetra.

She said the man then asked her to pull over and she complied.

The suspect told Demetra he was with the FBI and he had observed a car like hers that was used in a robbery.

The fake FBI agent then asked to see Demetra’s drivers license and told her to show him her hands.

That’s when the suspect ripped the wedding band from her finger and ran away.

Demetra said she tried to follow him, but lost sight of the man.

The suspect is described as a 30 to 40-year-old white or Hispanic male.

He is believed to be about 5’10” tall and weighs approximately 175-pounds.

The man had a mustache and salt and pepper hair.

Police say the suspect may have been involved in four similar robberies.

They believe the suspect is targeting elderly victims and people who may not be able to defend themselves.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the LAPD at 1-877-587-3247

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