Proposal to Split California Into 6 States Fails to Make November 2016 Ballot

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Molly Kelley, 62, of Klamath River, holds up a State of Jefferson flag as she folds it inside the Klamath River Community Hall in California. Anna Morris, spokeswoman for Six Californias, said in an e-mail that the group has collected “a significant amount of signatures and are hoping to get the remaining signatures we need this weekend.” (Credit:Los Angeles Times)

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The controversial “Six Californias” initiative has failed to make it onto the 2016 ballot, the Secretary of State’s Office said Friday.

According to the Secretary of State’s Office, the initiative simply did not have enough valid signatures when they completed the standard random sampling of petition signatures.

The plan, backed by venture capitalist Tim Draper, was to split California into six smaller states. He says the state is too large to govern efficiently.

One of the states would have been Silicon Valley, which included wealthy San Francisco and San Jose.

Sacramento was lumped in with Marin County to form a northern California state. Los Angeles, San Diego and Riverside anchored three other states.

A sixth state was made up of the northern-most area of the state.

Draper and others who backed the “Six Californias” initiative turned in more than 1.1 million signatures this summer. Friday, the California Secretary of State’s office said “the total number of signatures … filed with all county elections officials is less than 100 percent of the number of qualified voters required to find the petition sufficient”.

A separate plan to group several northern counties, including Siskiyou and Modoc, is in the works to form a 51st state – known as Jefferson.

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