Trump Is Poised to Win New York, but by How Much Matters to Delegate-Hungry Cruz and Kasich

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The 12th Congressional District of New York, centered on Manhattan's Upper East Side, is home to many symbols of the city's gilded glory: Park Avenue, the Guggenheim and Metropolitan museums, the penthouse abode of one Donald J. Trump.

It is also home to roughly 48,000 registered Republicans, a population dwarfed by more than 210,000 Democrats who twice delivered the district to President Obama with a vote surpassing 75%.

Still, that relatively meager mass of GOP faithful — more moderate, affluent and educated than the national norm — explains why presidential hopeful John Kasich plopped this weekend onto a counter seat at PJ Bernstein's delicatessen, where a swarm of reporters documented his intake of kreplach, sour pickles and strudel.

He was cherry-picking.

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