Michael and Amanda McAnelly were traveling with their two small kids and three small dogs when the unthinkable happened: they lost everything.

The McAnellys are moving from Oregon to Texas, and to assist that venture, they sold their home and bought a CargoMate trailer.

But late last month, as the family was visiting Amanda’s mother in Riverside, they received a terrible surprise: someone stole their trailer, which contained all of their belongings, from the 4000 block of Pierce Street.

The June 29 theft by someone in a gray pickup truck cost the McAnellys at least $80,000 worth of property, and police have little hope of recovering the vehicle or the family’s things, Amanda McAnelly said.

“It does kind of feel like it was sort of an inside job,” Michael said.

“They knew that trailer was there, they knew where to go, what kind of truck they were going to need for it. In order to do that in nine minutes, they must have known,” Amanda added.

The family is hoping to raise enough money with a GoFundMe to continue their journey to Texas.

Police told KTLA that they are investigating but have not yet recovered the trailer.