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Dr. Hooman Melamad joined us live to show us what kind of mattresses are best for back, stomach and side sleepers. 80% of us have or will have back problems sometime in our lives – a problem aggravated or even caused by our mattresses.  Simply sleeping on the right mattress may lessen or even eliminate back pain.

EXPENSIVE IS NOT ALWAYS BEST – You can find great mattresses for a relatively low cost.  Shop around with your focus being on comfort not price.

DON’T BE FOOLED BY COIL COUNT –You don’t need more than 390 coils to achieve proper support, so don’t pay a premium for more.  The important thing is to make sure that the coils are individually wrapped so that the mattress has a long life.

Side Sleepers: your shoulders and neck need to be supported and aligned while you’re sleeping.  You should choose a softer mattress to avoid press points but not one so soft that it doesn’t properly support your neck. Back Sleepers: you are in the best position as your spine stays in natural alignment all night long.  Here, you want a mattress that will allow you to sink into it and will support you.  Although they can be difficult to maintain, waterbeds are actually ideal for back sleepers.
Stomach Sleepers: opt for something firm to support the natural curve of your spine and keep you from over arching.  

For more information, visit Dr. Hooman Melamed’s website.

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