Get Your Sweat on at The Shape House

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The native Americans used sweat lodges to find enlightenment… sweating out bad spirits.

And now we’ve found a place you can sweat off unwanted fat, release toxins and walk away feeling recharged and glowing…

Here at the Shape House, it’s time to get your sweat on.

“When you sweat you lose weight. You improve your skin. You relax,” says Sophie Chiche of the Shape House.

At this urban sweat lodge that feels like a little oasis in our bustling city, you also release toxins that can build up in our body and mind.

It all happens here inside this blanket… which of course I couldn’t resist slipping into.

‘We take the body to 158 degrees if you can handle it we push a little harder..if it’s too much we back off,” Chiche says.

The session lasts 55 minutes…you chill..nap or watch a video and oh yea…sweat…

It works, according to the owner, because the machine is heating up your body while your body is trying to cool you down in that effort you can burn anywhere from 800-1200 calories.

What comes out of your body is 96 % water the rest is toxins.

-by Lu Parker

More Info:

Shape House
434 Larchmont Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90004
Twitter: @shapehousela
Facebook: ShapeHouse

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