Girl, 4, Recovering After Pit Bull Attack in Santa Monica; Dog Quarantined

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A young girl was recovering and a pit bull remained quarantined Tuesday, three days after the dog attacked the girl at a home in Santa Monica.

Santa Monica Pit Bull Girl Attacked
4-year-old Kennedy was attacked by a pit bull in Santa Monica on Saturday.

The incident occurred Saturday when 4-year-old Kennedy, her mother Auburn Kisselman, and her mother’s friend Rebecca Kay returned from taking the pit bull, named Roxanne, for a walk.

They had entered the home when Kay, who was pet-sitting Roxanne, removed the dog’s muzzle.

Roxanne approached Kennedy and appeared to be sniffing her leg when the girl backed away, according to Kisselman.

That’s when the dog lunged at Kennedy’s leg, Kisselman said. Once the dog let go, Kisselman and her daughter ran into the bathroom, locked the door and called 911.

“Even after we went into the bathroom it rammed into the door,” Kisselman said.

Kay suffered two fingers broken in the attack.

“I didn’t know it had that kind of capacity,” Kay said. ”No one should be around a dog like that except an expert.”

The dog’s owner was not home to speak to KTLA about the incident.

The dog was expected to remain quarantined at the Santa Monica Animal Shelter for at least 10 days while authorities determine its fate, pending the outcome of an investigation, according to Santa Monica police.

“There’s no way that that thing should be alive,” Kisselman said. ”If it had been any other part of her body, she could have been dead right now.”

The pet sitter’s instructions warned that Roxanne could be aggressive toward small dogs and should remain muzzled during walks.

Kay was also instructed not to bring other people into the home, but allowed her friends in to use the restroom.

The pet-sitting company, Fetch Pet Care, said its franchisee had “ended the relationship with the contractor,” referring to Kay.

“Our first and foremost concern and deepest sympathy is the with the child and the child’s family,” Fetch Pet Care said in a statement. “To our best knowledge, our independently-owned and operated franchisee in Los Angeles adhered to proper protocol by educating its pet-sitting contractor of its strict policy regarding unapproved guests visiting a pet owner’s home.”

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