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Many people use their lunch hour to well … eat!

But a local doctors says, give him sixty minutes and he’ll takes years off your face.

‘A Wrinkle in Time’ may have been a best selling book – but Debbie Matlow says it’s a title she does not want to think about when looking in the mirror.

“Gravity takes over so I would like to just have something done with those lines,” Matlow says.

The 59-year old is also in the market for a new job and insists she doesn’t have any down-time to spare for a traditional surgical face lift.

Matlow says, “I’m in the job market so I figured a touch up would give me a little heads up on that.”

On a short break from hitting the pavement – Debbie booked an appointment with Dr. Burr Von Maur for what’s considered a lunch time face lift.

“What we have developed is called a lunch time face lift and it’s a four step procedure,” according to Maur.

Cosmeticare in Newport Beach says, give them sixty minutes and they’ll take ten years off your face!

“I am not the fountain of youth, but we have things that we can do to help you look more beautiful, Maur says.

The non-surgical procedure blends laser … fillers … botox .. And something called ‘oxygenetix’ — medical make-up that helps speed up the healing process plus conceals any small bruises that may occur.

“The good candidate for the lunch time face lift is someone who wants to get back to their life or to work sooner,” Maur says.

“It costs about 2-thousand dollars but when after the lunch whistle blows, this patient smiles putting her best face forward is priceless, Matlow says.

Debbie told us there was minimal pain during the lunch time facelift and the doctor says her results will continue to improve over the next few weeks.

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