In the aftermath of Tropical Storm Hilary that brought heavy downpours, Lancaster residents have been stuck inside their homes for two days, unable to leave because of the water levels and debris build up on their street. 

Frustrated neighbors say poor drainage is to blame and any small amount of precipitation leads to flooding and takes a long time to drain. 

“Where can I go?” said Janis Carroll, a resident in the area. “Whenever we have rain for any type of endurance, it’s a flood. It doesn’t make sense. You can’t drive in it. Your car will get stuck out there. See, it looks like river.”

A truck submerged in water after tropical storm Hilary makes landfall (Source: KTLA)
A truck submerged in water after tropical storm Hilary makes landfall (Source: KTLA)

Officials with the city of Lancaster told KTLA that it has crews working around the clock to drain neighborhoods. However, residents demand to know when city officials will offer a permanent solution to this ongoing problem.

“And we kept telling the city, please come and fix the drain that’s right here on the left side of our houses,” said Lucy Beeson, another Lancaster resident. “They come and they drain it out but they never do anything permanently to really secure it.”

Tropical storm Hilary, Southern California’s first tropical storm in 84 years, made landfall Sunday evening, leaving homes and cars damaged, and flooded streets covered in piles of mud. 

Lancaster resident, Irving Saldana, suffered a major loss after his car was totaled by the flood waters. He says it’s the third car he’s now forced to replace. 

“It’s pretty devastating,” Saldana said. “I just got the car and now I’m facing insurance claims again.”

California Highway Patrol is still surveying the majority of the storm damage and urges residents to drive with extra caution. 

“We don’t know what’s underneath a lot of the mud and debris in the roadways and everyone should be driving with care and concern,” said CHP Captain Joseph Zagorski. “Just because the sun is out, doesn’t mean that the roadways are completely safe.”