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One woman was rescued Friday night after a car fell into a sinkhole filled with water in Studio City.

Bobby Thompson told KTLA he was driving around 8 p.m. when the back tire of his van became stuck over a sinkhole on Woodbridge Street off of Laurel Canyon Boulevard.

Moments later Stephanie Scott approached the sinkhole in her car.

“I seen the other lady driving down the street and I’m trying to wave at her and tell her to stop,” said Thompson. “She ain’t hear me. She didn’t recognize me; with the rain coming down she didn’t see me. So she drove right over the sinkhole and her front tire got caught and then she fell sideways.”

Authorities worked to rescue Scott from the sinkhole minutes later as Thompson’s van dangled above her.

“My car kept turning and turning upside down and I just was like ‘I got to stay clam'”, said Scott. “I felt the water coming up and I reached for the door and I opened the door and I climbed out. It’s a total miracle, thank you God.”

Multiple firefighters can be seen using a ladder to pull Scott out of the hole.

Thompson’s van fell completely into the sinkhole crashing into Scott’s car about ten minutes after the rescue.