One person is dead and another wounded after a shooting at a Valley Glen strip mall Wednesday where a fatal shooting took place in October. 

Wednesday’s incident was reported around 3:40 p.m., at Victory Plaza in the 13000 block of Victory Boulevard, according to the Los Angeles Police Department. 

Police said a group of men were inside Uncle Tony’s Pizzeria placing an order. When they stepped outside, they were approached by another set of men and that’s when gunfire erupted.  

The windows of the pizzeria, which shares the location with Sky Hookah Lounge, were shot out. Employees inside ducked for cover and waited for first responders.  

LAPD Detective David Peteque said officers, upon arrival, observed two victims with gunshot wounds.  

Earlier reporting suggested that there was only a single gunshot victim.

One victim was taken to the hospital where he later succumbed to his injuries. Another suspect at the scene was taken into custody.  

While they were combing the area, a bystander told police that one of the shooting victims was hiding out in a nearby business. Officers in tactical gear went in to find the man.  

An hour later, that shooting victim was put into the back of an ambulance and taken to the hospital where he is listed in critical condition.  

“Since there was an exchange of gunfire between two groups of individuals, we have to investigate further, after viewing video surveillance, witnesses, who are the primary suspects,” Det. Peteque said.  

This is now the second deadly shooting to occur in or around this business. Just months ago, on Oct. 25, a 50-year-old man was killed and another injured at Sky Hookah Lounge.  

The suspect, 54-year-old Vardan Dzhandzhikyan, was arrested less than a month later in Tijuana in connection with that shooting. He faces charges of murder, attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon. 

While the investigation is in the preliminary stages, Detective Peteque said he doesn’t believe Wednesday’s shooting has anything to do with the hookah lounge.  

“Unfortunately, there have been two incidents now where we’ve had problem people come to the location. Unfortunately, that could occur at any type of business. It just happens to be here within a few months’ time span,” Petque said.  

Investigators say it’s too early to determine if this incident is gang-related, but they did note that officers are giving the plaza more attention because of recent crime.  

“I know officers give this location and this corner, the strip mall here a lot of extra patrol,” Peteque said. “Unfortunately, people are going to do what they want to do. There’s no stopping them.”  

Authorities are asking anyone who might have information about this incident to contact the Los Angeles Police Department.