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Police arrested 15 people and one “pimp” for soliciting prostitution during an undercover operation in Claremont.

The sting operation targeted the Indian Hill area and the 10 Freeway on Friday.

Claremont Police says these areas have received “multiple complaints” from residents, local business owners and passersby regarding heightened prostitution activity.

Three undercover officers posed as prostitutes during the operation, soliciting people who wished to engage in sexual acts. A total of 15 people were taken into custody for allegedly soliciting prostitution and sex acts.

One suspect, Jose Berrios, 39, from Lake Elsinore, was arrested for attempting to “pimp and pander” the undercover officers. Berrios is also a registered sex offender for the same charge, police said.

Berrios allegedly told the undercover officers that he “would teach them to make real money.”

The officers ignored him and walked away, but Berrios began chasing the officers in his vehicle, becoming aggressive, police said.

At one point, Berrios drove his vehicle into oncoming traffic while shouting at the officers. As he drove into a nearby parking lot, additional undercover officers took him into custody.

Berrios was arrested for “pimping,” possessing a concealed dirk/dagger and driving on the wrong side of a roadway. He posted bond and was released from custody with a pending court appearance on Nov. 21.

The other 15 suspects were identified as:

-Senik Muradyan, 39 years old from Glendale
-Alejandro Galan Becerra, 45 years old from Chino
-Jorge Brito Acuna, 45 years old from Hermosillo, Mexico
-Mariano Vega, 45 years old from Upland
-Oscar Aguilar, 42 years old from Montclair
-Edvin Hernandez, 25 years old from Hesperia
-Oscar Marin, 26 years old from Baldwin Park
-Gabriel Moren, 32 years old from Montclair
-Matthew Arroyo, 31 years old from Fontana
-Jayme Godoy Lozano, 33 years old from Pomona
-Wilmer Martinez Miguel, 22 years old from Upland
-Jesus Castro, 23 years old from Pomona
-Leobardo Garcia Fregoso, 31 years old from Fontana
-Ivan Hernandez, 33 years old from Pomona
-Jeronimo Reyes-Reyes, 45 years old from Riverside

They were booked and later released on citations with a pending court appearance at the Pomona Superior Court.