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Coronavirus infections led to the shutdown this week of a campus in Los Angeles County, the first such closure since school opened in the fall — and a situation that also led to the quarantine of a rival high school football team.

View Park Preparatory High School, an independent charter school authorized by the L.A. Unified School District, has shuttered its campus for the entire week, returning to remote learning out of an abundance of caution, according to the charter’s senior administrator.

School officials became alarmed over the weekend when they received results from Oct. 14 coronavirus testing, which took place the day before a football game against Crenshaw High School: 15 cases among students, including one football player, and one staff case. That was more infections among students than for the rest of the school year combined. There’d been a total of two student cases over the previous three weeks.

But before the results were in, the View Park football team had played its Friday evening game against Crenshaw. The Crenshaw players then were directed to enter quarantine this week, which resulted in the cancellation of their Friday contest against Locke High. The school district did not say how long the Crenshaw players had to quarantine.

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