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A young man and woman were found dead Monday afternoon after an apparent fall from a cliff in San Pedro, prompting an LAPD investigation, officials said. 

Los Angeles city firefighters and paramedics responded to a cliff rescue call near 500 West Paseo Drive at 5:19 p.m.

Upon arrival, responders discovered the bodies of a young man and a woman, LAFD said in an alert.

It’s unclear how long the two people had been there, and the circumstances surrounding their fall remain unknown. Hikers initially found the bodies, authorities at the scene said, adding that the victims appeared to be between 20 and 30 years old.

Aerial video from Sky5 showed firefighters working to retrieve the two deceased adults at the base of a seaside cliff just below the Point Fermin Lighthouse. 

The location is not far from Sunken City, a popular but dangerous and off-limits spot for exploring the ruins of homes that were destroyed in a 1929 landslide.

San Pedro residents said the area is known for falls, both accidental and intentional.

The bodies were retrieved from a spot some 100 feet below the clifftop, said Sgt. Osvaldo Gonzalez of the Los Angeles Police Department, which is investigating.

“It’s very unsteady ground,” Gonzalez said, “so it is possible it could have been accidental.”