Two men have been arrested in what authorities called an elaborate scheme to steal vehicles in the South Gate area by fraud and force.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department officials said Thursday they know of 15 people who were victimized by Arnulfo Florentino Lira and Jose Luis Parga, of Bell Gardens, but there could be more victims out there.

Investigators believe the men targeted the Spanish-speaking community.

The men are accused of using social media to lure their victims.

The suspects would meet them at the parking lots of businesses in South Gate, including Walmart and Petco, then use force to carjack them.

Officials said the suspects would offer their victims thousands of dollars in cash to transport merchandise in their vehicles to the Central Valley.

Victims were told they would get $5,000 dollars up front, and another $5,000 once they returned from delivering the goods.

The suspects would then allegedly take the stolen cars to Mexico, potentially used to smuggle drugs or people.

Only one of the 15 vehicles that were stolen as part of the scheme is in the process of being returned to their owners.

Authorities released booking photos of Lira and Parga, as well as the vehicles they used to encourage more victims to come forward.

Anyone with additional information about the suspects, or who believe they may have been victimized, is asked to call 800-299-8727.