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No one was injured after two planes were involved in a minor collision at the Hollywood Burbank Airport Tuesday night, officials said.

The incident occurred around 9:30 p.m. when an incoming aircraft headed to gate B1 clipped the wing of another plane parked at gate B2, said Lucy Burghdorf, the airport’s communications director.

No one was aboard the parked plane, though the incoming flight was carrying passengers, Burghdorf said.

The airport and all its runways remained in service following the incident, according to a tweet from its official account.

Airport officials were working on gathering additional information about what led up to the collision.

Aerial footage from the scene showed a United Airlines flight parked at gate B2, and a Delta Air Lines flight at B1.

Bernadette Kashden told KTLA she was a passenger aboard Delta flight 4673 from Salt Lake City and felt the impact when it struck the other plane.

“It felt like we hit a body,” she said. “I said, ‘What did we just hit? We actually just hit somebody?’ And the guy who was sitting right by the wing looked over and said, ‘No, we hit that plane; knocked its wing off.'”

The United plane’s wing was not detached, the aerial video showed. In fact, there was no visible damage.

The Delta flight was being operated by SkyWest Airlines, which partners with the larger carrier, according to FlightAware.