Two Regional Mexican musicians were detained at gunpoint by police early Sunday morning, and a man traveling with them was eventually arrested for gun possession. 

According to the LAPD, officers were conducting a traffic stop around 1:30 a.m. in the area near Hawthorn Avenue and La Brea Avenue in Hollywood when they discovered one of the men in the procession they had pulled over – which consisted of a Rolls-Royce Cullinan and a Cadillac Escalade – had a gun. 

The man who was arrested for gun possession was identified as a manager of one of the artists, but it was not immediately known who he was associated with. Police said he also had an outstanding warrant. 

Video from the scene shows musicians Calle 24 and Chino Pacas being detained by officers. Both artists are signed to Street Mob Records, the record label associated with Jesus Ortiz Paz, the frontman of prominent Regional Mexican group Fuerza Regida.  

Fuerza Regida held a concert at BMO Stadium on Saturday night where Calle 24 and Chino Pacas appeared as guests.  

Neither man was arrested and both were released from police custody.

Luis Zuniga contributed to this report.