Two teens were rescued Wednesday after an accident left their vehicle dangling precariously over the edge of a wash in the City of Industry.  

Jennifer Torres, 18, and her friend, Ehaina Garcines, were driving through Nogales Street and Arenth Avenue when, according to Torres, the driver of a pickup truck attempted to make a left turn in front of them.  

“I was just in shock. I just saw the car trying to turn and we were just going straight and then the crash happened,” the 18-year-old told KTLA. 

The impact pushed the teen’s Nissan Altima through a fence and nearly over the edge of a wash where water was rushing beneath them.  

The girls said they were scared the vehicle was would slide back and fall into the water below.

“I was on the passenger side, and I could see the water just going like that,” Garcines said.  

Torres and Garcines were trapped in the Altima until first responders with the Los Angeles County Fire Department arrived at the scene, smashed the passenger window and forced the door open.  

Video shows the moment the teens were pulled to safety, both coming out of the ordeal unscathed.  

Crews were able to extricate the vehicle from the side of the wash.  

The driver of the truck was also reportedly uninjured in the collision.