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Details on all 12 ballot measures before California voters in the Nov. 3, 2020, election are in our guide to the propositions here. Scroll down for results.

  • Prop 14: Funding medical research that uses stem cells
  • Prop 15: Raising taxes on commercial properties worth more than $3 million
  • Prop 16: Bringing back affirmative action in public hiring, contracts and college admissions
  • Prop 17: Restoring the voting rights of people on parole
  • Prop 18: Letting some 17-year-olds vote in primary and special elections
  • Prop 19: Letting senior homeowners pay low property taxes if they move while raising taxes for people who use inherited property as a rental or second home
  • Prop 20: Rolling back reforms in criminal sentencing, parole and DNA collection
  • Prop 21: Letting cities implement stricter rent control
  • Prop 22: Letting Uber and Lyft continue treating their drivers as contractors, not employees
  • Prop 23: Establishing new care standards at kidney dialysis clinics
  • Prop 24: Expanding data privacy laws
  • Prop 25: Eliminating cash bail