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The second day of school in the Los Angeles Unified School District appears to be going more smoothly than the first, largely devoid of the long lines and frustrations that marred back-to-school Monday when the district’s student health-check system failed.

Parents and students at a sampling of campuses throughout the nation’s second-largest school system said the Daily Pass website — designed to issue pre-approved health clearances for students to enter campus — appeared to be up and working. In addition, school administrators, who hastily organized work-arounds for the system, were better able to speed up campus access Tuesday.

At schools in North Hollywood, South Gate, Boyle Heights, East L.A. and Los Feliz, students were shuttled into class with minimal delay, a notable and welcome contrast to Monday when frustrated parents and students stood in long lines, frequently for well over an hour.

It was a night and day scenario at John Marshall High on Tuesday morning compared with Monday, when some students missed first period as they waited to be checked in. No line wrapped around the building as students moved quickly into the school. Friends waited for each other before jumping into line at the Los Feliz campus.

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