Three men have been arrested in connection with a shooting in Riverside County more than four years ago that left one of the victims permanently paralyzed from the neck down, authorities announced Tuesday.  

The tragic incident unfolded just after midnight on March 3, 2019, when four suspects are accused of opening fire on a house in the 6400 block of Nidever Avenue in Riverside, a news release from the Riverside Police Department said.

Two people inside the residence were struck by gunfire. One victim was treated at the hospital for minor injuries and released. Another victim, identified as Izaac Colunga, was critically injured and now suffers from quadriplegia.  

The case was eventually handed over to Riverside PD’s Homicide Cold Case Unit, which developed investigative leads that resulted in the identification of the suspects — 26-year-old Dereck Anthony Wood and 26-year-old Raymond Floyd Cervin, both from Riverside, along with 26-year-old Donte Justice Reese from Las Vegas.  

3 arrested in shooting that left man paralyzed
(left to right) Dereck Wood, 26, Donte Reese, 26 and Raymond Cervin, 26, are facing two counts of attempted murder for a March 2019 shooting in Riverside. (Riverside PD)

Authorities said that a fourth suspect, 23-year-old Lawrence House from Riverside, was also identified as being involved in the shooting, though he died of natural causes in 2021.  

Wood, Cervin and Reese were arrested over the past several months, the release noted, and are all facing charges that include two counts of attempted murder and shooting at an inhabited dwelling.  

Anyone with information about this investigation is asked to contact Detective Karla Beler at 915-353-7138 or Detective Dane Wilkinson at 951-353-7137.