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Three children were injured after a bounce house was lifted off the ground during an open house for the Rancho Cucamonga Police Department over the weekend, authorities said Monday.

The incident occurred about 10:30 a.m. Saturday at the Police Department, located at 10510 Civic Center Drive.

At one point, a San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department helicopter was landing on the rooftop helipad at the station when “the downdraft from the helicopter caused several canopies and the bounce house to lift off the ground,” authorities said in a news release.

Only one child was in the bounce house at the time and was not injured, but three children in the vicinity had to be taken to a hospital, Gloria Huerta with the Sheriff’s Department told KTLA.

A parent of two of the injured kids told KTLA they suffered cuts to the head and face. She said a detective stayed with her family until the children were transferred to another hospital.

Huerta said the incident was unfortunate and that no one anticipated it.

“I was saddened to see that any children were injured here at an event that was scheduled to kind of bring the community together,” she said.

The Sheriff’s Department along with the Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the incident, police said.

No further details about the incident have been released.