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Police are searching for three women involved in an attempted robbery and stabbing that occurred at a restaurant in Koreatown Monday night.

The incident occurred about 8:40 p.m. at the Tasty Grill restaurant near the intersection of South Western Avenue and West 3rd Street.

An area employee told KTLA a woman went in the restaurant, pepper sprayed a customer and stole her purse before running outside.

A man who was with the victim then took off after the attacker and recovered the purse, but was injured when someone took out a knife and slashed him on his leg, arm and his head, a Los Angeles Police Department sergeant at the scene said.

The man declined a trip to the hospital and appeared to be OK after the incident.

Investigators say three women are believed to be involved in the incident and are searching businesses for surveillance video.

The women were described as being in their teens or early 20s.