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Following triple-digit temperatures, 3,800 Los Angeles Department of Water and Power customers across the San Fernando Valley were without electricity Saturday night, an LADWP official said.

Around 8:30 p.m., Sky5 captured power outages affecting about 15 to 20 blocks in West Hills amid a heat wave that brought temperatures exceeding 100 degrees in parts of the valley.

The neighborhood appears to have the most customers affected, said Paola Adler, a spokeswoman for LADWP. However, Adler said customers experiencing outages are not all in one location.

LADWP said rolling blackouts in the area are not directly tied to the utility and could be the result of the extreme heat. Dangerously hot weather has been forecast across the western U.S. this week, according to the National Weather Service.

In Southern California, record-high temperatures are expected in areas including downtown Los Angeles, Woodland Hills and Camarillo.

Although officials suspect they may be related to the heat, the cause of the outages remain unknown. LADWP said customers can expect to see crews respond around 4 to 12 hours after an outage begins.

The blackouts also come amid lightning and thunderstorms in some parts of Los Angeles County. The National Weather Service has warned of such conditions creating fire risks through Wednesday.