Four ducklings that fell into a storm drain in Riverside were rescued and reunited with their mother Tuesday, authorities announced.  

Residents told crews with Riverside Animal Services that a mother duck and her 10 ducklings were attempting to cross Grove Community Drive when one of the baby waterfowl slipped and fell to the bottom of the storm drain.  

“Hearing the cries of her little one, the mother duck quickly returned and began pacing back and forth near the opening of the storm drain,” officials said in a social media post. “Unfortunately, as baby ducklings always stay close to the mother duck, three more slipped into the drain.”  

By the time Riverside Animal Control Officers Mary Salazar and Sean Fazio arrived, the mother duck and her remaining ducklings had left the area.  

With the assistance of residents, Officer Fazio entered the storm drain, reached the ducklings and passed “them up one-by-one to neighborhood children for safe keeping,” officials said.  

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Not long after they were rescued, residents directed officers to the mother duck and the four stray ducklings were reunited with their family.  

No injuries to the ducks or their rescuers were reported.