Five restaurants in West L.A. were hit by smash-and-grab thieves who stole cash and left behind a trail of damage early Friday morning.

Broken glass was seen outside three restaurants on Westwood Boulevard, including Mashti Malone’s Ice Cream, Laziz Grill and The Room Sushi Bar.

Each establishment also had its door boarded up. 

Surveillance video from Laziz Grill shows one suspect using a tool to shatter the glass door and enter inside where he stole “a couple hundred dollars” according to the store’s owner.

Another store owner reported that the thieves stole cash from them and that their safe was stolen, but it is unclear how much was in the safe.

For some of the family-owned businesses, this is the first time that they have been broken into.

Others, like The Room Sushi Bar, have had this happen multiple times before.

“It’s happened to me five times,” said Kiat Soon, who owns The Room Sushi Bar. “It seems like the police can’t do anything.”

According to officials, the two male suspects wearing ski masks also broke into two other restaurants near Olympic Avenue and Sepulveda Boulevard and are expected to be part of a larger group that is most likely responsible for a string of smash-and-grab robberies in West L.A.

They have not been identified or apprehended. 

Anyone with any information is urged to contact the LAPD.