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Noxious fumes filled the air in South Los Angeles Sunday morning after a truck caught fire and spilled hundreds of gallons of oil waste.

About 500 gallons of oil were set ablaze and leaked, charring the streets and even storms drains, after the vehicle fire was reported around 11:50 p.m. Saturday night at 519 E. 61st St., the Los Angeles Fire Department said.

The intersection of 61st Street and Avalon Boulevard remained closed to through traffic Sunday morning as crews worked to clean up the burnt waste.

With the substance now traveling through storm drains, hazmat crews planned to go to storm drains away from the scene and push back hundreds of gallons of hot water. They hoped this would raise the level of the oil waste to the top of the drain so it would coat the sides rather than dumping straight into the ocean.

No injuries were reported, but one person was medically evaluated at the scene, firefighters said. The person’s age, gender and injuries were unknown.

Although LAFD reported the type of oil spilled was automotive waste, the driver said it was cooking oil.

It was not yet known what caused the truck to catch fire.