The 6th Street Bridge was closed Tuesday evening due to what police were calling “illegal activity” and public safety concerns.

It’s another closure for the new bridge in what seems to be turning into a nightly game of, “will they/won’t they close it tonight?”

The bridge has been closed more than five times since it opened earlier this month. Over the weekend, the roadway was closed for three consecutive nights.

The problems plaguing the new bridge have included street takeovers, drag races and climbers.

The issues have led to city councilmember calling for increased police patrols on the bridge and more safety measures to keep people from scaling the sides or blocking off the street. Recently, fencing could be seen blocking off any areas where wannabe daredevils might be able to get a foothold to scale the bridge.

City officials are also discussing the possibility of adding speed bumps on the roadway to stop any would-be racers.

It’s not clear when the bridge closed Tuesday evening, but police said to avoid the area throughout the night.

There is currently no timetable for when the $588 million thoroughfare that connects Boyle Heights to downtown L.A. will reopen.