More than 700 dogs were rescued from a puppy mill in Iowa and were given to animal shelters nationwide, including one in Studio City, to help the pups find a forever home. 

Out of the 700 rescued dogs, 53 were transported to Wagmor Pets Dog Rescue in Studio City, which is hosting an adoption event on Sunday in honor of National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day. 

“About 30 rescue groups went in,” said Melissa Bacelar of Wagmor Pets Dog Rescue. “We’re the only one from California.” 

The dogs were rescued from one of the biggest puppy mills in the Midwest, Bacelar said. 

They will be cleaned and given a preliminary checkup before heading off to foster homes.  

The adoption process may begin in as little as a few days, but Bacelar says that these dogs will probably not be going to their forever homes for a couple of weeks. 

“It is such an overwhelming and emotional thing looking at these dogs,” she said. “They all are so deserving, they all are so beautiful, but they’ve never got to be a dog.” 

To donate to Wagmor Pets and apply to adopt a rescue dog, visit the Wagmor Pets Dog Rescue website.