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A trailer filled with hundreds of pounds of cannabis led to the arrests of two people in Lake Los Angeles, authorities said Friday.

A deputy was patrolling the area of 240th Street East and Avenue J-8 on Thursday when he stopped a Ford F-150 which was towing a trailer that emitted a “very strong odor of marijuana,” a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department news release stated.

While investigating, the deputy discovered more than 780 pounds of pot in the trailer, according to the release.

The Sheriff’s Department released a photo of the trailer that appeared to show it filled with marijuana plants.

Two people were in the pickup at the time and both were arrested on suspicion of transporting marijuana. Authorities did not release the name of either individual.

While California allows possession of small amount of marijuana, the amount in the trailer that was being transported exceeded the legal limit for personal use, a sheriff’s spokeswoman told the Los Angeles Times

“This was an unheard of amount for someone to be transporting and have in their private collection,” Ali Villalobos said, according to the Times. The amount of marijuana seized “may very well be” a record by the department, she added. 

The haul will be documented and photographed by the department’s narcotics division before it is destroyed, the newspaper reported.