A retaining wall collapse in Corona prompted the evacuation of eight homes, officials with the Corona Fire Department announced Monday.  

The incident happened during the morning hours in the 2100 block of San Diego Drive, authorities said.  

The expansive concrete block retaining wall beneath several homes crumbled, cascading down onto adjacent properties, burying backyards and patios and, reportedly, smashing through glass doors.

While there were no reports of any injuries, city engineers red-tagged several homes as uninhabitable and the people who live there had to evacuate.

“We didn’t hear anything, but our neighbors heard a huge crash,” neighbor Eddie Soto told KTLA. “We don’t know too many of our neighbors, but unfortunately, we got to meet several of them today the hard way. Most of the homes have children and they were all displaced as of this morning.”

Public safety personnel initially planned to clear out several additional houses, but as Soto explained, many of the homes, including the one he’s lived in for the last year, have been retrofitted, reinforced with pylons following a similar incident more than a decade ago.

“And this was why we were able to stay,” Soto said. “Unfortunately, the homes that were affected had not been retrofitted.”

People in the neighborhood who spoke with KTLA said they were concerned about more rain in the forecast and potentially more erosion on the hillsides.

Red Cross workers, along with firefighters and city officials, were on the scene this morning helping all of the families who were displaced.