911 Call Released from Couple Held Hostage by Dorner

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SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. — Authorities have released audio of a 911 call from a couple tied up by fugitive ex-police officer Christopher Dorner.

San Bernardino County released a recording of the Feb. 12 call made by Karen and Jim Reynolds from their mountain condominium, following an Associated Press public records request.

“We were tied up by Dorner,” Karen Reynolds tells the 911 operator during the 20-minute recording.

Her husband, Jim can be heard shouting in the background.

Reynolds told the 911 operator she believed Dorner had been holed up in their condo — just across from the manhunt’s command center — during much of the search.

“I’m pretty sure he’s been here the whole time,” Reynolds says.

“You guys are just across from the command center?” the operator says, sounding surprised.

The couple own the Mountain Vista Resort on Clubview Drive.

Back in February, the couple told reporters that they were in the process of renovating the condo when Dorner’s burned out truck was found nearby.

The couple decided to flee the mountain until it appeared safe to return. But what they found waiting for them was not what they expected.

“I really thought it could be the end,” Karen Reynolds told reporters.

The couple came across Dorner when they went upstairs. When they saw him, he pulled out a gun and yelled, “Stay calm.”

“We saw so many pictures of him,” Karen said. “And actually, while he talked to me, he said, ‘I know you’ve been seeing the news. I know you know who I am.'”

Dorner bound the couple with zip ties and stuffed small towels in their mouths.

They say Dorner was incredibly calm and tried to reassure them that he did not want to harm them.

“He tried to calm us down, saying very frequently, he would not kill us,” said Jim Reynolds. “He wanted to clear his name.”

“He said that quite a few times. He said, ‘I don’t have a problem with you, I just want to clear my name.'”

Dorner also told the couple he had been watching them from another condo unit.

“He said that we are very hard workers, we’re good people. He talked about how he could see Jim working on the snow,” Karen said.

After about 15 minutes Dorner left the condo, stealing the couple’s purple Nissan.

Karen told reporters she managed to make it to her cellphone and called 911 using the speaker.

It was that call that alerted authorities to Dorner’s presence on the mountain and triggered the chain of events that led to Dorner death in a fiery cabin standoff.

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