After the 8th bus carrying migrants arrived in Los Angeles on Thursday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott sent yet another bus of migrant families and children that arrived in Los Angeles today. 

The bus departed from Brownsville, Texas on Sunday and arrived at Union Station today around 6:45 p.m. During the time the bus was in route, Southern California was gearing up for its first tropical storm in over 84 years, Tropical Storm Hilary. 

Mayor Karen Bass condemned Governor Abbott’s actions as a “despicable act beyond politics,” accusing him of endangering the lives of families and children by transporting them through extreme weather conditions.  

“It is evil to endanger the lives of vulnerable migrants by sending a bus with families and toddlers on board to a city that at the time was under an unprecedented tropical storm warning,” Mayor Bass said. “As I stood with state and local leaders warning Angelenos to stay safe and brace themselves for the worst of the coming storm, the Governor of Texas sent families and toddlers straight for us on a path through extreme weather conditions. If anybody understands the danger of hurricanes and thunderstorms, it’s the Governor of Texas – who has to deal with this threat on an annual basis. This is a despicable act beyond politics.”

A total of 37 asylum seekers, 16 families, arrived just hours after tropical storm Hillary hit the region. 20 of the migrants came from Venezuela while others came from Guatemala, Mexico, Belize, Honduras, and Ecuador, many of who have relatives, loved ones, or sponsors in California.

Officials say the City continues to work with City Departments, the County, and a coalition of nonprofit organizations, in addition to faith partners, to execute a plan set in place earlier this year.