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An Orange County family is in mourning and hoping the public can help them bring back the body of their brother, who was killed in an apparent robbery in Colombia on Thursday.

Paul Nguyen, 27, died Thursday in Medellín in what his sister, Amy Nguyen, described as “a cruel and senseless crime” in a GoFundMe created to help the family bring Paul’s body home.

According to a report in Peruvian newspaper El Comercio, Nguyen had met a woman on the dating app Tinder and joined her at a nightclub.

He then went missing, Amy Nguyen said, and “just a few hours later,” his body was found next to some garbage receptacles, El Comercio reported.

On Reddit, Amy Nguyen said the family believes “that he was going out with this girl and was lured into getting robbed after they got into the car together.”

“His card was used at a pharmacy, however according to the cashier the guy was not Asian,” she added.

In the GoFundMe, Amy Nguyen thanked those who helped for their efforts after the killers “chose money and greed over a single thought of my brother’s life.”

“With the help of his kind friend and our community, we tried whatever we could to find him,” she wrote. “But it was not enough. I wish I could have done more. I wish I had protected him more.”

The money from the GoFundMe will go toward Nguyen’s memorial service, she added.

“I am working on bringing Paul back to the US for a funeral service. Paul deserves to be back home, surrounded by love, family, and friends. Any donation will help relieve my family of stress and costs to bring him back and properly have a service here. If anyone could help, we are grateful for anything. Thank you for all the support.”