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More than 100 Los Angeles students may have to retake the ACT after a package containing their answer sheets from April went missing, a testing official said Wednesday.

The package containing answer sheets for about 125 University High School students who took the test on April 8, 2017, has not yet arrived at ACT, a spokesman told KTLA in an email.

“We are working with the test center supervisor and the carrier (FedEx) to attempt to locate the package,” ACT spokesman Ed Colby said in an email.

Parents were frustrated that their kids may have to retake the test at a later date.

“I’m upset and angry and sad for my kids, for every child who’s spent so many hours preparing for this test,” said Jewlz Fahn, a parent whose daughter’s test went missing.

Standardized tests such as the ACT are often key requirements for college acceptance. Students often prepare months in advance with workbooks and prep courses.

“They have to do this again with no prep. You know, my girls personally have been studying since August for this April test,” Fahn said. “People take this test seriously. It’s their life.”

ACT is working with FedEx and the test supervisor to locate the missing package, but in the meantime, offering students a make-up exam for free on June 10 and another one later in the month.

“ACT sincerely regrets any inconvenience that impacted students and their families may experience as a result of this very unfortunate situation. However, we are still very hopeful that the package will be found, and that the students’ April ACT tests can be scored and reported,” Colby said.