Actress Anna Faris, Family Evacuated From North Lake Tahoe Cabin After Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Scare

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Actress Anna Faris said she was feeling “very fortunate” after firefighters rescued her and 12 other family members from dangerous levels of carbon monoxide at a rental North Lake Tahoe cabin over the Thanksgiving holiday.

The family started feeling sick and two members went to the emergency room, where doctors diagnosed them with carbon monoxide poisoning.

Firefighters rushed to the cabin and evacuated Faris and her family from inside, where they found carbon monoxide levels that were five times what’s recommended indoors, according to the North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District.

“That is certainly going to cause fatality in a short period of time,” North Lake Tahoe Fire official Erin Holland told KTLA sister station KTXL.

The Fire Protection District said the home did not have carbon monoxide alarms. State law requires the alarms in all family dwellings.

Carbon monoxide is a deadly odorless and colorless gas that can go undetected by sight and smell.

“I’m not sure how to express gratitude to the north Lake Tahoe fire department,” Faris tweeted after the incident. ” We were saved from carbon monoxide.. I’m feeling very fortunate.”

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