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A group of kayakers told authorities they spotted a great white shark, about 10 feet long, off the coast of Huntington Beach Thursday, about 400 yards from shore.

“The shark was between eight to 10 feet, looked to be feeding on some fish. They came back and reported it to us. We found that the reporting parties were credible,” said Lt. Eric Dieterman of the Huntington Beach Fire Department, Marine Safety Division.

Public safety crews then searched by helicopter and boat for the shark but couldn’t find it, although two lifeguards also reported sightings.

Officials posted shark advisory signs along the beach — stretching one mile north and one mile south of tower six. The advisory will be in place until 3 p.m. Saturday.

Beachgoers are warned to stay out of the water for the time being.

Experts say this time of year is shark season, and it’s common for young sharks to be spotted near the shoreline.