Police say the driver of an SUV that caused a multi-vehicle crash that killed two teens and injured several other people will be facing criminal charges.

The crash happened Saturday evening on the 11000 block of North Reseda Boulevard in Porter Ranch.

A Honda CRV was traveling at a high rate of speed when it went into oncoming traffic and collided with two vehicles traveling the opposite direction, as well as a parked car. Two passengers of the CRV, a 16-year-old boy and a 14-year-old girl, died from injuries they suffered in the crash.

Surveillance video recently obtained by KTLA showed the moments leading up to the fatal car crash which claimed the lives 16-year-old Magnus Joseph Robinson, a senior at Panorama High School, and his 14-year-old friend whose name has not yet been released.

Robinson was pronounced dead at the scene. His friend died hours later in a local hospital.

Ivaan Narvaez is Robinson’s uncle. He said the loss of these two young lives shocked his entire family.

“You leave your home and you never know if you’re coming back and this is basically what happened in this situation,” Narvaez said. “Nobody was expecting any of this and, as it happens, two lives that were lost.”

Narvaez says his nephew was a protective older brother of three and was devoted to his family.

“He wanted to make sure his family was well taken care of,” he said.

Loved ones say Robinson was with five of his friends Saturday night. They had gone to an overlook in Porter Ranch, but on their way home, tragedy struck.

Police say the driver of the CRV was speeding when they crashed into the other cars. First responders rescued drivers trapped inside the wreckage, including eight people who were hospitalized with various injuries.

Joseph Zaroukian is a father of teenagers who lives near where the crash happened. When he saw the wreckage, he immediately sprang into action.

“I know it’s a human in there who needs help,” he told KTLA. “I just ran automatically just to help them.”

He says this is the third or fourth major accident that he’s seen on his street. He knew immediately that people needed help, saying he could tell from the familiar sound of crashing metal.

“I heard that a few times before, I knew it was already an accident,” Zaroukian said. “So, I ran out. I was one of the first ones. When I got there, the car was totally trashed. I couldn’t even open the door. I tried my best.”

On Monday night, family and friends revisited the crash site, leavings flowers and mementos to honor the two young lives lost.

Loved ones say Robinson was planning his 17th birthday in November. Now he leaves his family with only memories.

“A beautiful person, smart, loveable. He was very giving. He was very happy, always joking and trying to make people laugh,” his uncle said. “He’s definitely going to be missed.”

Residents in the area who jumped into action to help those injured in the crash say they are tired of seeing collisions. They hope to see speed bumps installed on Reseda Boulevard to prevent future crashes.